Pinellas Water Softeners

Pinellas Water Softeners

If you live in Pinellas or the surrounding counties, you might find yourself faced with a decision regarding water softening treatments and service. After all, hard water is simply a fact of life for many home and business owners in the area, and installing a water softener can make a huge difference in the quality of your water.

Here at iHome Services Plumbing & Gas, we’d love an opportunity to explain the latest advancements in water conditioning and water softening in person. Call us to learn more or set up an appointment for one of the residential and commercial plumbing services that we offer.

Water Softening and Conditioning

Enjoying the benefits of soft water is easy when you have water softening and conditioning equipment installed. The water softening process is designed to stop water scale from showing up throughout your home, while the water conditioning process reduces the presence of unwanted substances in well water (hydrogen sulfide and iron) and in public water sources (chloramine and chlorine).

Why Choose iHome Services?

The technicians at iHome Services Plumbing & Gas fully explain the process, customize solutions to meet the needs of your home, and provide maintenance on your equipment to keep it running smoothly and effectively.

Our plumbers are licensed, insured, and really good at what they do. Our company offers high quality water treatment products and services, ensuring our customers receive the best options currently available. The water treatment products we sell are highly efficient, easy to operate and nearly maintenance free.

If you want brighter looking clothes, softer hair, smoother skin, and less work removing scale and soap scum, ask us about our drinking water filters, water softening equipment, and water conditioning systems to learn more about them today!

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