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Most homeowners don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about their drains until they find themselves in the shower with a foot of standing water or can’t rinse the dishes because the kitchen sink just won’t drain. There’s no doubt that one clogged drain can cause a lot of headaches. Like most homeowners, you probably don’t have the time or desire to clean out drains on your own. Instead of tackling this nasty task, turn to the professionals at iHome Services.

Pinellas Drain Cleaning Experts

When it comes time to have your drains cleaned or snaked, it’s essential to choose professionals who have the training and experience needed to take care of clogs without damaging your pipes. At iHome Services, we only employ plumbers who are fully licensed and have completed rigorous training in their field. When you work with our plumbers, you can rest assured that you’ll receive timely, reliable service from a friendly professional.

Your Drains Are Clogged, Now What?

You never notice that a drain is badly clogged until you’re in a hurry to wash your hair, brush your teeth or finish the dishes. If you’re plagued by a slow drain, you may be tempted to take matters into your own hands, but it pays to resist. Instead of opting for drain cleaning solutions laden with dangerous chemicals, call in a plumber from iHome Services. Our plumbers can quickly assess the cause of clogs and clean your drains.

Pinellas Video Drain Inspection

As your local drain repair company of choice, we make it our mission to stay up-to-date with the newest in plumbing technology. That’s why we use video drain inspection to diagnose water and sewer line problems. Instead of crawling around under your house for hours attempting to locate a problem pipe, let us do the work from the comfort of your yard.

Pinellas Drain Cleaning

Your iHome Services plumber will choose the best method possible for cleaning your drains after the issue is identified. Our plumbers use industry-accepted, tested techniques to clear clogs and improve drainage. In the case of a severe clog, we can snake your water or sewer line to ensure that your drains don’t become clogged again in a just few days.

Pinellas Drain Repair

From time to time, repairing drains simply makes more sense than attempting cleaning or snaking. If your drains are chronically slow or are very old, it may be necessary to have them repaired or replaced. Your plumber will walk you through your repair options and will provide you with a free, written estimate before beginning any work. Call us at iHome Services today. We can address all of your drainage issues.

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